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Neufeld Parenting Courses

Dr Gordon Neufeld is an internationally respected clinical and developmental psychologist. His work is based on attachment research, developmental psychology and neuroscience. Dr Neufeld’s parenting model helps parents make sense of children and adolescents from the inside out.

The following courses have been created by Dr. Neufeld. Each course is offered over eight weeks in two hour weekly sessions. Each session consists of one hour of professionally produced video of Dr Neufeld presenting the material and then one hour of discussion facilitated by Katarina. The following descriptions are excerpts from the Neufeld Institute website. For more information about Dr. Gordon Neufeld and his approach to parenting, please see The Neufeld Institute.

The Vital Connection

This is Part 1 of the Power To Parent series. This course delivers the best that developmental science has to offer to those who are our children’s best bet – parents and those who support them. The effect of the material is to restore parents to their natural intuition as well as to their rightful place in their children’s lives. The principles and dynamics apply to children of any age. Although some attention is given to the more perplexing problems of childhood, the general thrust of the course concerns issues and challenges facing most every parent.

Helping Children Grow Up

How do we nurture our children and provide the necessary elements for growth? How do we remove the impediments to becoming their own persons? Building on the foundation of relationship in Part I of the series, The Vital Connection, this sequel focuses on how to help children realize their potential as human beings. Growing older is no guarantee of growing up. Childhood is when most of the growing up should occur but we need to know how to cultivate the maturing process. This course sheds light on the adult`s role in the miracle of maturation. The material is presented in such a way that it engages parents while educating professionals as well.

Common Challenges

Raising children is rewarding, but not always easy! Every child gets stuck from time to time on the road to maturation and every parent faces challenges at some point on the journey. At these times, we could all benefit from experienced insight and practical suggestions that are in the best interest of our children. In the first part of the Power to Parent series, The Vital Connection, we looked at the importance of relationship; in the second part, Helping Children Grow Up, we looked at the adult’s role in the miracle of maturation. In this course, Common Challenges, we look at effective and safe practices that honour and preserve the relationship, even when the problems seem daunting. In making sense of our child’s experience, we will be better equipped to lead them through challenging times.


Dr. Gordon Neufeld: “Why Children Need Rest and How To Provide It”
(from the Neufeld DVD “Relationship Matters”):